Along your way, kill any owlbeasts you find. Go north from here, hugging the mountain to your right. Run south of The Loch to find the path to Badlands. Head down to return to the grassy area and run west to reach the Lordamere Internment Camp. Use it to start the quest: . Head to the western encampment and clear it out. If you have potions of swim speed or underwater breathing, take them out of the bank now. Use the auction house, repair, and buy food if you need it. Go to the right and kill the Quel’Lithien Protectors you see. . Keep killing harpies in the Roguefeather Den until you need just 4,000 experience to reach level 32. Kill ogres for Call to Arms here. – This guide is designed to be usable with every horde race. Kill enough spiders to finish up Blood Feeders and pick up enough eggs to complete Deepmoss Spider Eggs. Step on them after killing the raptors around them. In Classic P2 u cant Quest in Silithus tbh , just the 2 Quests and the Graveyard and the one from Azshara. Take the quest: Use the auction house, repair, buy consumables, and clear out your bags before leaving. If you don’t want to do this, you can spend longer during the grinding session at the end of the level. Now you can leave Ratchet again by heading west. This article is a list of all zones by level for World of Warcraft: Classic.. Fight your way to the cauldron. Jump back on the road and follow it north to The Twin Colossals again. Turn in, Go southwest out of Kargath until you see. Go to the south part of town to find Mankrik for two more quests to accept: . Once you have 10, look for a pathway leading up to the southwest. Once you’re all caught up, use the west gate of Orgrimmar to exit. At this point you should head west into Sishir Canyon, which is filled with spiders and eggs. Follow it east until you arrive at Gahrron’s Withering. . The yetis we’re looking for are in the upper cave! Use the altar and hand in. If you are a rogue and your lockpicking is high enough, you can technically skip the Key to Scholomance and its lead up quests, but you will miss out on all of the xp, so don’t. ... Classic Mining Leveling. You can now kill everything you see here except the elite trolls atop the altar. Classification For the classification before Cataclysm, see Zones by level (original).For the original classification after Cataclysm pre-Patch 7.3.5, see Zones by level (Cataclysm). Kill the enemies here and make sure to fully explore the area to finish Verifying the Corruption. 1. After reaching level 16 start heading west. Dive down to the sunken ships. Run over there and kill quilboars until Disrupt the Attacks is complete. Use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. This Classic World of Warcraft Mining leveling guide will help you to level your Mining profession up from 1 to 300. Continue running along it past both splits and make your way over the large river in the middle of the zone. This was a really good suggestion and the guide has been updated to reflect it. . . You’re right. This article is a list of all zones by level. Now make your  way back out of the mine. Use your hearthstone to return to Undercity. Swim down there and pick up the, Get out of the water and head southeast to return to Light’s Hope Chapel. . At level 38 step 11, the guide tells you to hand in “An Unusual Patron”, but it has not previously told you to pick up this quest. Once you arrive at Tiragarde Keep, kill and loot all the humans you find. Once there, run directly north to reach Valormok. Go to the larger house in the northern field. Kill and loot, here. There are multiple ways to level up in Azeroth, but this guide will make things simple for you. while you are here. Try to find a partner to kill, and his bodyguards. While you’re doing that, use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. I’m in 24 at the momment and loving it. Try to pull Ironhill without any additional dwarves and kill him. Swim south out of the cove until you reach Wetlands. At the road, start running west until you see the camp on your left. However, the preceding quest in the chain and the one we linked in the guide ( is of a lower level and appropriate for leveling at that point. Turn in. When you have a. , you can leave the area by heading west. Go outside and turn all the valves off around the nearby piece of large machinery. Pick it up and use it to begin the quest: . On the second floor, you’ll find. Kill everything you see here until Timbermaw Ally is finished. 0. This contains. Follow the road as it goes north, then turn east and continue following it. Ride all the way south from here and turn in. Kill any, Fight your way to the cauldron in the middle of Gahrron’s Withering. Once you reach the top, start heading north. in the moonwell. Enter the cave to your northeast. On level 38 you say grind for Some Assembly Required. Kill all 30 of your murlocs along this shore. lvl 58 #47 Head East is West and is not first time i find East instead of west or west instead of east in the past 3-4 levels. Kill him and any other councilmen you need for the quest. Go around the northern wall to find a path leading north out of Hillsbrad Foothills. Thank you for your diligence and hard work! Loot them for the. Turn in. Individual Class Steps - So far we have all the Horde and Alliance starting zones complete with all class steps. Cross the bridge again to return to the split path. Stay here until Cannibalistic Cousins is finished. Head southwest to the gnoll camps. Use your hearthstone to return to Tarren Mill. Go inside and find the third brazier. Hand in. Keep following it past all the splits to the northeast. We had to figure out a reasonable fix for this, which was why it took so long to address your comment. Exit The Cauldron when you arrive and kill all the, Run northwest to climb up to Thorium Point. From here, head northeast until you find crocodiles. Eventually you will find. Turn in, Follow the road north all the way to Camp Taurajo. right next to you. Complete this quest by talking to Wharfmaster Dizzywig. Get on the road and ride it south to reach Emerald Sanctuary. Cross the road to the north to find Shadowsong Shrine. Pick up the quest: Head underwater here and use the bag you find to turn in, Leave the water and head northeast until you find a large dead dino. Don’t do the escort quest here unless you are in a group. Heya, at level 54 part 45 the guide instructs players to pickup the quest Volcanic Activity, which is completed at level 55 Part 11. Turn in, of the caves in Dreadmaul Rock. Keep going west until you find a way into the cave above. Turn in, Un-Life’s Little Annoyances, To Kill With Purpose, Head west and then north when you can along the mountain to reach, Head south to the road and then cross the bridge west into Western Plaguelands. But that won’t take you to Ratchet. “Once the guards here begin to attack Sharptalon, help them kill the beast” I killed him 3 times with the guards without it allowing me to loot it. It isn’t difficult, but he does die quickly. Go along it to access Balia’mah Ruins. When the forest is cleared, head northwest to find a small mountain covered in slimes named Skulk Rock. I actually started this guide late at level 21 so I’m 4 levels over this guide and still can’t get through. When you land, turn in the quest: Then get on a flight to Gadgetzan. Click it to spawn. Before heading in, go east of the tar pools and finish up Larion and Muigin. Run over to Scrabblescrew’s Camp. !, any further recommendations for a undead mage ? Now is a good time to restock, repair, and sell. Head in the eastern entrance and kill. Down there, you can find chests containing the charms. Turn in, Lard’s Picnic Basket, Cannibalistic Cousins, Message to the Wildhammer, Vilebranch Hooligans. Head west along the road to return to The Bulwark. Immediately hand in Scholomance. Keep killing enemies until you need just about 200 experience to reach level 12. After crossing the bridge, run south until you find a bunch of gnolls in a field. Search for the. However, an alliance city, Astranaar, is in the middle of the road so make sure to stay clear of it. Stay here until Scaring Shaky is finished. Kill enemies around the entire keep until you find. This will take you to friendly status. Run northeast from here and clear the forest area of any gryphons, wolves, and owlbeasts that you find. Head south through the jungle back to Grom’gol Base Camp. Kill all the golems here. Keep running on the path leading into the hold until you reach the top of the hill. Grind on enemies in the area until you are level 33. There will be elite murlocs guarding it. Stay here and kill darters to collect 10 wings. I think there’s an error with 38.4/38.15, it is assumed that “Some Assembly Required” was picked up but the pickup isn’t done in the guide (at least I didn’t have it and can’t find it with ctrl+f). Pick all the guards off one-by-one and then kill Captain Fairmount. If you need more kills for JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition, go kill the dwarves in the Slag Pit. Underneath will be the. Eventually you’ll find Roguefeather Den. Get any shredder manual pages that you have stored in your bank. Try to have 10 slot bags or better before going out to quest again. Once you free both prisoners, you can just start freely killing mobs in Durnholde Keep until you reach level 23. If you’re a tauren or undead. Once you get your pet at Level 10, you will notice your kill speed increase and your downtime drop drastically. Click the spirit to update your quest. Hey snooker, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Thanks for this awesome guide! Run northwest to the road and follow it into Felwood. At level 56 step 30 it says to go into Shadow Hold and kill Rakaiah, for the quest Retribution of the Light, which is a follow up to the quest Rescue from Jaedenar, which you can start around level 56 step 13 by looting the start item. Numbers within the bars indicate the level range. Use your hearthstone to take you back to The Crossroads. Sell junk and repair before leaving town. Kill them as you begin to head south towards a larger camp. Once you’re in Eastern Plaguelands, start running north. Continue going south near a mountain to find the final pool for. Almost all of the quests for RFD can be acquired either from Varimathras in Undercity, if you are Horde, or Archbishop Benedictus in Stormwind if you are Alliance. Turn in. Questing is the most basic method, where you will just go through zones and completing quests in them. . From Ratchet, start going southwest to reach The Stagnant Oasis. If you aren’t yet level 36, kill the humans near Alterac Mountains until you need 2,500 experience for level 36. It’s been addressed and fixes were implemented. Once you get there, go east to reach the Pool of Tears. Kill any remaining trolls that you need for Speaking with Gan’zulah. Just grind on trolls for a while outside the crypt to compensate. Now that you’re finished, turn in. When you see another ramp leading to a pylon, head over to it. Run over to those wooden structures and use your, Kill the worms that spawn and loot them. Accept two quests: Go south out of Kargath until you find the western path leading to Searing Gorge. If you have any combinable chapters, do so now to save space. . Right after exiting, turn in, . . Kill any drudgers and mercenaries you see in its immediate path. Then, use your Fresh Carcass on the flame to spawn. Jump into the lake and dive towards the center. Click it to turn in. This includes, Near Lok Orcbane, you’ll see a thunderhawk by the name of. With it chasing you, run to the Forsaken Camp for help. Head into the outpost and learn the flightpath. Run southwest from here to reach Dun Garok. Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Keep grinding elves until you are four bubbles into level 53. Head west to Bloodvenom Post and turn in. Ignore his bodyguards and run away after looting. Take a flight to Everlook. Keep running until you see a furbolg offering you the quest: across the road from the Emerald Sanctuary. Climb up the mountain and fight the ghost next to an altar. Not … When you see the yeti cave, get off the road and kill yetis. Follow the road until you pass the large keep on your right. Use the crates in the corner. Thanks so much, man and sorry again. From here, run northeast to find Sargeron. Run to the west gate and turn in, Before leaving, use the auction house, repair, and clear out your bags. Hopefully, leveling up will be a breeze for you now. Eventually the road will begin to curve east. Leave Undercity. Now head directly northeast to go back to Marshall’s Refuge. Use your, Go east back to the road and follow it south to the Emerald Sanctuary. Follow it all the way up to accept the quest: Escort him down to safety. Enter and pick up the quest: From here, follow the road all the way west to Ethel’rethor. Keep killing in the area until Lack of Surplus is done. Now find the main path through the Ruins of Zul’Mamwe until it ends in a cave. Kill tauren around the village until your quest is complete. From here, keep run southeast to reach Sen’jin Village. when there aren’t any left alive. Go around the Pestilent Scar and go east to Light’s Hope Chapel. Kill the. Then run west. Run back to the band of orcs and pick up the quest: Use your hearthstone to go back to Orgrimmar. Immediately run away and go east to Everlook. “Level 10 Then leave and take the zeppelin to Orgrimmar. Now start running west to reach the Slithering Scar. Click and turn both of them off. Exit the water and head northeast until you reach Nesingwary’s Expedition again. Wherever you go, kill any non-elite dinosaurs within your level that you see. Leave Grom’gol by running east until you find the road. Follow it until you can see Southshore. Go to the water there and use your, Head directly south from Gadgetzan. Withdraw any quest items you put in the bank earlier. Use the auction house, repair, and sell junk now. 2. You can find a guard to give your first warsong report to in the middle of a tower just outside the gates. When you see a small camp with three raptors around it, you’ve reached the right spot. Run back south to reach Razor Hill. This will give you a speed boost for the long run ahead. Leave the Sepulcher and continue running along the road to the south. Fight your way into the right house and look for. Kill. If you accidentally aggro the demon run away until the warlocks ignore you. Once you reach The Shimmering Flats, run southeast towards the center. . Use the horn to summon an elite harpy. Fight your way through and turn off both braziers. Depending on your class, you can use stealth, sprint or maybe even freeze (mage) or roots (druid). Make your way to the center and kill everything in the room. Now go west to return to Mor’shan Rampart. Fight your way through to the moonwell in the area. Follow the road leading to the west all the way into Silverpine Forest. If you’re an orc or troll, this won’t require any extra work from you. Muglash is quite strong and won’t likely die, so let him tank damage for you. Talk to the tauren there to start the escort quest: as she goes west out of the camp and south on the road. Just focus on killing and looting the harpy named. Now start running southeast. Colors indicate Alliance territory, Horde territory, Contested territory Numbers within the coloured box indicate the level range. Clear out your bags and repair before leaving camp. Hello and welcome to our 1-60 horde leveling guide for WoW Classic! . Is it possible to start this guide flawless at lv18? . Once The Bloodsail Buccaneer, Up to Snuff, and Keep an Eye Out are finished, you can use your hearthstone to return to Booty Bay. Thank you, this has been updated! This guide is for those who prefer to grind out their levels. Feel free to destroy your operating manual for the control console because you won’t need it anymore. Follow the path and start killing all the nagas. Follow the road north for quite a while north until you see the Ruins of Jubuwal on your right. and all bloodstone pieces. Hey Berlin Ghosts,thanks for your input here. Before leaving, go back to the tent where you find Grundig. You’ll probably need to purchase these from the auction house, but they aren’t too expensive and are well worth the experience and convenience they offer for following this guide. Head southeast back along the coast and over the bridge. Those undead are ninjas. Turn in, Run northeast of Razor Hill so you are up above it. in your bags to summon him. Run north until you reach the road again. Now head west to reach Lushwater Oasis. Keep killing wolves if you haven’t finished Stalking the Stalkers yet. at the bottom of each watchtower to try and find a spyglass. Ride southwest of Gadgetzan to the area of land south of The Noxious Lair. Use it for quest credit. Head south next to the coast again to revisit the pirates. Most classes will just die repeatedly. Pick up all of the quests available at The Crossroads. Follow it and enter the cave you find. Run west now until you hit the shore. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. Start going south once you get close. . while you’re still here. Repeat this until the quest is done. Now go west along the road until you hit the bridge. Kill any Grimtotem tauren you see during the next few steps. . Dive into the water and collect the artifacts scattered across the floor. Fight your way up the path when you see it to reach Zul’Mashar. Kill crocodiles until you find the amulet for Lost But Not Forgotten. Hey Jake. You’ll need to collect the charts and logs from both ships. Do “Arachnophobia”. using the yellow dots on your minimap as guidance. Thanks! Run directly east until you hit the mountains. Look for, Now turn around and run west past The Den of Flame to reach Bloodfen Burrow. inside the cave. Kill dwarves in the fortress until Revenge of Gann is complete. Noticed something a bit off though. Enter it and find, Use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. When you have the journal, use it and accept the quest: Head to the northernmost part of the zone to locate Marshall’s Refuge. Ascend the Pinnacle until you reach the peak with a split path. Fight your way through the cave to find. Kill them to finish up The Ogres of Feralas. Combine the meat and mixture, then use the meat to summon, Keep running north along the wall until starts to go north. Pick up his head after killing him and go back to Ratchet. Head northeast to the main road. I noticed yesterday though none of the quest names are a different color anymore. Thanks again for pointing this out, it was a great help. Follow it to enter The Hinterlands. Start hugging the wall on your left until you find another room. Once you find the quilboar camp, kill them for their tusks and. Stay in the Writhing Deep and kill the bugs to finish up Zukk’ash Infestation. Keep running until you get to Shaol’watha. Use the auction house, repair, and sell junk now. After using all three valves, go back into the hut with the control console. Run to the top of the plateau and kill the humans there. Follow it to reach Quel’Lithien Lodge. Accept the quest: Return to the road and follow it north until you reach The Twin Colossals. The Bloodsail Captains quest at level 44 is WAY WAY WAY too early unless you’re a Mage. Accept Blood Feeders. When you’re done, run west past the lake to Golakka Hot Springs. . At this point, head northwest and enter Marshall’s Refuge. After the escort is done, head back to Quel’danil Lodge to finish Message to the Wildhammer. Run west until you hit the mountain, then go north. Leave The Bulwark by heading east along the road. Once you have all of those, you can pick up a timed quest: If you are playing as a tauren, fly directly to Thunder Bluff to skip steps 3-4. tauren, you will instead need to run to Thunder Bluff. the guide has been working wonderfully at this point, there doesnt seem to be anything connected to the rest of the guide with this quest so i have skipped it for now. Turn in, Run back down and head west to get back to Freewind Post. Turn in. Turn in, Larion and Muigin, Alien Ecology, Expedition Salvation, The Northern Pylon, The Western Pylon. Once you arrive, turn in. Sometimes you pull them anyway and need to use your class skills to flee. Currently level 47 on my druid! Stay here until War on the Woodpaw is finished. Repeat this until you can fight him alone. After killing Getz and Ray, you should kill farmers in the area until Battle of Hillsbrad is complete. Turn in, be level 24. and his apprentices. Turn around and run east, hugging the mountain on your left. Exit Jaedenar and follow the road north again until Bloodvenom River. Green text means that it is time to turn in a quest. Make sure to kill everything you see. Now head west until you hit the mountains. Look for crates here and loot it to finish Expedition Salvation. Run southeast to the harpies and sacks from earlier. This time keep going past them and run west once you pass the western colossal. It seems none of the dungeon quests are marked to be turned in, possibly to assist those who can’t or won’t do dungeons for whatever reason. Once you’ve killed all the centaurs needed for Pacify the Centaur, run east and follow the mountain to your left. Kill and loot it. Turn in. Now go up a level on the docks to enter a house and pick up the quests: Make your way to the northern exit of Booty Bay. Keep running along the road until you notice a tower to your right. Kill everything in the area until A Solvent Spirit is complete. Fight your way into the water and look for a cage. Screecher Spirits, Pirate Hats Ahoy!, Andre Firebeard, Southsea Shakedown. Then head west back to Everlook. All the other informations are correct and efficient, nice work! You need five of these too. Gan’zulah has been added to that line as a target, as have more detailed instructions about why they must both be killed. I’d rather do quests that are slower but more fun than just grind. Follow it south and go east at the first opportunity. Recommended Leveling Zones for Horde in Classic WoW For the first 10 levels, only a handful of zones are available. Keep going until you arrive at Fallow Sanctuary. in your inventory. Turn in. . Flesheaters can be found further north. Don’t worry if you can’t kill him. Used this for a horde toon and it is phenomenal. Kill all guards and Cannoneer Smythe. Take a flight to Thunder Bluff. Kill lions around the path to loot a, Follow the path to reach another cave of yetis. Grinding sessions will be distributed evenly throughout the guide so you won’t ever need to spend countless hours doing it. Run northeast to get to Greenpaw Village. I noticed you have us Pick up A New Ore Sample, but never do anything with the quest regarding its completion. Go up to the second floor and hand in, Exit the house and run towards the north gate. Follow it as you cross the bridge into Eastern Plaguelands. Hey! Now run southeast until you hit the road. Follow the road west back to where you previously picked up the zapping quests. This is a good time to collect your filled vials from earlier. The full list of dungeon quests can be found in the Leveling: List of Classic Dungeon Quests guide by Cielos. Continue along the road until you see the Irontree Woods on your right. Turn in. The Plaguewood is northwest from the user’s location at that point. Blue text means that it is time to accept a new quest. JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition, Curse These Fat Fingers. Repeat what you did with the western tower and then leave the tower. Cross it, then head southwest. Take the right path (southern) and follow it into the city of Stonard. Go just south to find. The trainers won’t give me quests. Once finished, go back to Camp Mojache and turn in, Run directly north from Camp Mojache until you arrive at Gordunni Outpost. Once done with ogres, go northwest from here to locate Feral Scar Vale. . Small correction, when you say: Now you can leave Durnholde Keep, going northwest to make your way to Tarren Mill. and kill her. Turn in. At this point, it is actually faster just to die and resurrect at the spirit angel than it is to swim back. Once in Dustwallow Marsh, follow the road northeast to reach Brackenwall Village. Go inside and use the stone on the altar. So, what are you waiting for? Joana's Classic WoW 1-60 Leveling Guides. Great guide nonetheless! Continue along the path as it goes south to reach the Ruins of Aboraz. Kill any humans that you need here, then run further north to find the other types. Turn in, Start following the road south again and follow it all the way until you are back at Malaka’jin. Pick up the quest: . Changes have been made to the guide directing players to the dungeon, along with some suggested quests for it. Click on the rug to finish Elixir of Agony. Find Gann and hand in, Return to the excavation site southeast and locate the helipad near the entrance. Stop at Felstone Field to your left. Go to Elder Rise and hand in. Let him attack you, then head back to Gadgetzan. Go over the bridge. Keep going until you reach Grimesilt Dig Site. Cross the bridge and don’t stop until Strange Sources is finished. Pick up the quest: . Swim west and look for some shipwrecks in the water. Repair, buy consumables, and sell your junk. Once you reach level 25, leave the elven outpost and run west to reach Mystral Lake. Go north on the road and accept Arachnophobia. Go along the path, killing the goblins to finish Venture Company Mining. Use it to collect a, Head south back to the entrance of Un’Goro and turn in, Now go west back into the zone and look for purple eggs. Kill gnolls until it respawns. Take a flight to Marshall’s Refuge. Clear the gorillas you see and keep going to find, Finish the escort, then immediately hand in, Run southwest to the river past the tar pools and cross it. There is no sugar coating it; leveling will take a long time. Fight your way to the end of the cave to find, Now fight your way out of the cave and kill any gorillas outside. . If you need kills for Curse These Fat Fingers, kill the golems right around you. Run southeast back to Tarren Mill (or hearthstone if it is available). Pick up the quest: On the way west, kill all the elementals you see. Run south off the road here and look for a hippogryph named. Kill him and pick up his hoof. Keep an eye out for a, here. This is where. Exit the building afterwards. To help you decided where to level, we put together Classic WoW leveling route guides with zone recommendations! Kill the warlocks here and especially their imps. Some of the more interesting ones, like the ones for Felfire Hill, don’t appear until later patches. Repeat this until the quest is done. Stay in this area until you finish Wild Guardians. Return to the road and go east. Once you arrive, run towards the inn and turn in. then return and kill their imps. Accept the next quest: yet again, Now you should fly to The Sepulcher. Now head south until you see a big wheel in the distance. Enter it and take the quest: . Get on a flight to Camp Mojache. Kill all three raptors and look around where they were standing to find the, At this point you probably don’t have enough horns for Raptor Horns, so continue killing raptors until you’re finished. Run south of Hammerfall to find Witherbark Village. Timbermaw furbolgs you see. Pass the yeti cave and keep going south until you find hippogryphs in the Frayfeather Highlands. Run north from The Den. Use your hearthstone to return to Hammerfall. Head south to make your way to the main road. Now go north across the border into Thousand Needles. Once you have them, head back to the docks. Turn in. Place your, Run southwest to the next tower. Run all the way south now back to the main road. Begin to climb it, but this time enter the cave on the east side. Run along the river killing crocs until Some Assembly Required is done.