by … Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on February 11, 2012: Seeing as how they can cost the same, a tattoo is easier to take care of but the live version is more fun to watch. Taking inspiration in the quilts, paintings and political posters of Faith Ringgold. Koi can live for many years. Le record est une miroir de 32 kilos capturée 4 fois en 2013. 30 juin 2020 - Explorez le tableau « World Carp Record » de Stéphane, auquel 25371 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Glad you had a chance to study up on these amazing fish. 30 juin 2020 - Explorez le tableau « World Carp Record » de Stéphane, auquel 25371 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. JPSO138 from Cebu, Philippines, International on November 17, 2013: I have seen some kois and know that some are expensive. The patterns were partly determined by the way the fish were displayed; they were designed to be seen from above. The Chinese were more than generous by donating and sharing the Koi fish according to history with Japan, Canada and the United States and Europe. Esenciales de mi tiendita. Jun 18, 2016 - Explore Grand Koi's board "Koi fish varieties" on Pinterest. But he has already put a £30,000 plus price tag on the 90lbs specimen. Hi Terry, sorry for the delay in replying to your warm and interesting comments. The group was best known for the singles Kitakaze to Taiyō (北風と太陽, North Wind and Sun), and "Tobira no Mukō e" (扉の向こうへ, "To the Other Side of the Door"), which was the second ending theme for the anime Fullmetal Alchemist.. Several carp species are native to Central Europe and Asia; one of them, Cyprinus carpio, originating in the area of the Black, Caspian, and Aral seas, spread west to the Danube river in Europe and east to East Asia, was domesticated in both regions, and eventually gave rise to the koi. Product/Service. I suppose since we can't go back in time, we won't ever know the "official" origin and how they were bred and spread. Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on February 22, 2014: Hi Mart, there are many ways to sell Koi. Apr 20, 2014 - Explore wenchan18's board "Koi no bori..." on Pinterest. Rated up and useful. Sold as scampi in Britain at a premium price too. Rip-off charges that trap families in unsellable homes are will be banished in bid to... Are you ready for Frankenstein food? Geoff, of Melksham, Wiltshire, said: "We've got some really big fish here - 25, 26 lbs - but she is more than three times bigger than that. This is a unifying motif at Van Cleef & Arpels, found in the famous en tremblant - or trembling - brooches that imitate the movement of flowers in the breeze. Answer: I'm inclined to suggest that you should buy in person from a reputable source. Koi fish have many different uses and are a symbol of ambition and prosperity in Chinese culture. C’est il y a quelques jours que nous avons trouvé cette information dans un article du site koiquestion. It is a Carp Fish bowl. Carpe koï ; Carpe à la lune ; Carpe marbrée ; Carpe métis ; Carpe miroir ; Carpe à mollusques ; Carpe noire ; Carpe prussienne ; Carpe de roseau ; Carpe rouge ; Carpe de vase ; Carpe de Wuchang; Record. 20 décembre 2019. Michael is interested in life's little oddities and finds writing helps him to understand the world around him. Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on October 26, 2012: I have always been fascinated with koi carp. Les mâles sont régulièrement mis à l'écart. Question: Do you recommend buying Koi online and how are they shipped? Leur prix défie parfois même celui de l’or. This My India. Envie de connaitre le record de la carpe ?De savoir quelle est la plus grosse carpe de France?Si les plus gros poissons vous fascinent et notamment les grosses carpes, sachez que depuis quelques temps je « collectionne » les photos des plus grosses carpes françaises. 24 submissions pending; Share. They contain DNA from the East Asian subspecies of Cyprinus Carpio, and in at least some cases from the western subspecies as well; much hybridization has gone on. 3:24. Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on June 20, 2012: So glad you liked reading about koi carp. … I would like to visit there one day, and you showed me some interesting things to do on tour. Mar 12, 2019 - Record carpe, grosse carpe de France dans le fleuve Rhône.. Carp Fishing Rigs . Jamais une carpe koï (sanke) n’avait été vendue aux enchères à ce prix ! Plus de 41 000 000 de Yen, ce qui représente approximativement 300 890 €. and LARGE (6 … She is a kagoi carp, which have a orange or gold scales and can live for more than 40 years. Prev; 1; Next; Jump to; Genre. They've certainly been around for a long time! That's amazing. We chose to base the mural on the history of the area, which during the late 17 century was the largest Exotic plant hot house 'Loddiges Nursey' importing and growing a record number of palms, orchids and trees, pre dating Kew gardens which changed the horticulture … In the Far East, also, carp attracted royal patrons. Question: What kind of pond is best for long living Koi? Toutes les vidéos des poissons sont disponibles ici : Record-breaking Koi Fish sold in Japan for $1.8MILLION. Tan says that out of 500,000 koi bred annually, just 50 are selected for competition when they reach two years of age. La moyenne de ces poissons atteint environ 60 cm pour un poids de 5 kg. Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on December 01, 2011: They are amazing and I am happy to have shown you something new and different. Kris Heeter from Indiana on January 27, 2012: Wow, I knew they had long lives but would never had guessed up to 230 years. Not the carp, but fish and chips! Animal le plus cher du monde. Carpe koi showa ginrin nisai de chez yagenji, taille 45cm. Les Passionnés de La Carpe koi. Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on December 01, 2011: These are beautiful fish. It would make a very expensive sandwich if made from these fancy breeds lol. Question: How do I know if I have expensive Koi? David … Carp Fishing Rigs Usa Fishing Walleye Fishing Fishing Girls Scary Fish Cool Fish Big Fish Fish Chart Bass Fishing Shirts. Answer: Check the color pattern against the most expensive varieties and find a local aquatic shop that can give you some idea of local prices. As this states that Koi were in Europe 12,000 years ago. Plus de 41 000 000 de … Only a few koi enter the bidding at this level. Le prix d'une carpe koï dépend de beaucoup de paramètres : - la taille - le sexe - la provenance Plus un koï est grand, plus il est vieux et plus il sera cher. See more ideas about koi fish, fish varieties, koi. Panier 0 Produit Produits 0 € (vide) Aucun produit To be determined Livraison 0,00 € Total Commander. Chinese people were raising and domesticating Koi in ponds at least 1000 years before the Roman empire. Though the average specimen in captivity might live 25 or 35 years, an old koi named Hanako, from Mino province in Japan, has been shown to be over 215 years old based on analysis of her scales, and other 100+ year old fish are known from the same pond. The typical lifespan of an ornamental koi in ponds is approximately 30-40 … It supports healthy growth and is highly digestible. Amour blanc 30,5 kg (67,24 lbs) carpe koï 20,2 kg (44,53 lbs) carpe commune 32 kg + (70,06 lbs) esturgeon 110kg -(242,50 lbs) -2,35m Pour obtenir des renseignements plus spécifiques vous pouvez faire un clic sur le plan d'eau de votre choix: Nell Rose from England on November 13, 2013: How much? Une carpe record pour cette magnifique étendue d’eau de … Très prisé et élevé en Chine, en Corée, au Japon et au Vietnam, ce poisson d'eau douce a été obtenu à partir de croisements entre individus sélectionnés de la Carpe commune qui vivait à l'origine dans les rizières. Marketplace 62 For Sale. In Japanese culture, koi are treated with affection, and seen as good luck. Ce n'est pas tous les jours que l'on pêche un poisson de plus de 120 kg. C. carpio is a native of Asia, from where it was spread by humans through Europe, and is now established on all continents except Antarctica – it can be considered the … | Discover worth, traffic, revenues, global rank, pagerank, pagerank, visitors, pageviews, ip, indexed pages, backlinks, domain age, host country and more. Poids de la carpe : 47,6 kilos ou 105 livres. Longueur de la carpe : 125 cm de long. Koi no bori... Collection by Wendy Inakage. The comments are horrible too, I love this recipe I make it all the time but instead of all the listed ingredients I use something completely different and make it into something else altogether. Yellow Generation (known as YeLLOW Generation in Japan) was a female J-pop trio signed under Sony Music Japan's DefSTAR Record label from 2002-2006. Date de la prise : Carpe miroir record capturée le 18 Mai 2015. Cyberpunk 2077. So the fish that looked most pleasing from above were used for breeding. Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on January 26, 2012: JS Matthew from Massachusetts, USA on January 26, 2012: I had that for dinner tonight! To provide a variety of flavours, it is necessary to have many fish from many countries. Mais heureusement tout se passe bien pour nos pêcheurs chanceux qui ont la joie de mettre au sec une superbe carpe koi miroir quadricolore de 15kg, nouveau record koi du Lac! Ruminta Sari from Sleman on February 03, 2013: really interesting hub, voted. These fish have quite a history. Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on April 05, 2016: Hi Deborah, thank you for your inquiry about the Jardiniere. British Angler Graham Slaughter, 42, caught the world's then biggest carp - weighing a whopping 88.6lbs - in a lake in France earlier this year. Avec France Carpe Koi & Bassin, tout ce qu'il vous faut pour réaliser le bassin à carpe koi de vos rêves, filtration, epdm, pompe, nourriture pour carpe. Why else do people see these numerous beautiful Asian ponds with Koi fish that were invented and created in China. Koi (鯉, English: / ˈ k ɔɪ /, Japanese: ) or more specifically nishikigoi (錦鯉, [ɲiɕi̥kiꜜɡoi], literally "brocaded carp"), are colored varieties of the Amur carp (Cyprinus rubrofuscus) that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens.. Koi is an informal name for the colored variants of C. rubrofuscus kept for ornamental purposes. They are so beautiful and they are plentiful in the Philippines. Not to mention expensive? Do you think he threw it back in to the water? They are popular in other parts of the world as outdoor pond fish. ... La carpe record qui a marqué l’histoire de la pêche en France. Vinyl and CD 1 – 26 of 26 . Koi is a symbol of prosperity and it believed by Koi's collectors. Girl, 13, and two boys aged 13 and 14 are charged with murder of 13-year-old Olly Stephens who was stabbed... Tamara Ecclestone's husband Jay Rutland says the heiress has become 'nervous' and their daughter Sophia, 6,... A poser with money to burn. La carpe koi a pris sont essor en 1914, date de leur sortie d’une province du japon, et elle est apparue dans des élevages en Europe grâce à l’avènement du transport aérien dans les années 1945. I am glad that you found this article helpful and inspired you to share your ideas. Have you even seen a monk-fish. DATE 6/5/2020. Moñería Ags. Big Girl was yesterday settling into her new home, an 8ft-square show pool in the centre of Geoff's shop. According to Richard Tan, president of the Singapore Koi Club and chairman of the organising committee for the First Asia Cup Koi Show in May 2008, the most expensive koi ever sold went to Japanese companies in the booming 1980s for about 50 million to 100 million yen apiece, or $500,000 to $1,000,000. I have an outdoor pond planned for koi but not really have the time for it now, so I fill it with other type of carps that are more cheaper and don't need lots of attention. 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Jeez! Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, "We know she's the largest coloured carp every exported out of Japan - where you find the largest ones - and there's certainly been nothing like her in Britain before. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Carpe, Peche carpe, Eaux douces. Hello Prasetio, I am so pleased that you enjoyed the story. See more ideas about Koi, Wind sock, Boys day. I agree they do look to good to eat. John Sarkis from Winter Haven, FL on January 30, 2012: Great hub. The more exotic varieties would be prohibitively expensive as a food fish. Koi carp fish were originally raised in beautiful and lovely Chinese ponds and rice patties. Certains la définissent comme le « poisson-roi » ou « chien de bassin » au même titre que le Discus en aquarium et pour cause une koï : Coûte cher à nourrir, à entretenir et demande un bassin pas à la portée de toutes les bourses. From the humble farm laborer’s dining table, to the Emperor’s palace, koi have had a fascinating journey. Restaurante "Sabor Wanka" Restaurant. Terrific, Michael. Origami Facile. Bon à savoir : C’est un poisson ornemental asiatique, élevé en Chine et au Japon où elle fait l’objet d’un véritable culte. how weird is that? I suppose those that were not so attractive, ended their days on another piece of china. Police will fine people the FIRST time they are caught not wearing a mask in shops or on public transport, or for leaving their home without a reason, STEPHEN GLOVER: Over-zealous boys in blue - and why I fear we are slipping into a police state, Britain breaches 1,000 daily Covid deaths for first time since APRIL with ANOTHER record-high 62,322 infections as Boris Johnson quietly extends draconian new COVID laws until the end of MARCH, 'It knocked me out. Mais certaines d'entre elles pouvant atteindre 1,10m pour un poids dépassant allègrement 45 kg. permalink; save; context; full comments (495) report; give award; Got my Cricut cart all together! From humble origins, the koi has come to be the most precious of all fish, with the most beautiful specimens selling for up to $2.2 million. Koi are gaining popularity in backyard ponds but they need a lot of filtration as they too are 'bottom feeders.' If you are interested in seeing my original creations or my limited editions, you can simply google my name "Terry Gilecki". The world's most powerful passports for 2021 revealed: Japan holds on to the No1 spot and, after Brexit,... Leasehold revolution! Thanks for dropping derdrui glad you enjoyed it. Very well researched and executed. 2019 (AVRIL) Au tronc du Chêne BIG MAMA: Carpe Koi: 10kg 300: 0 m 81: Record 2019 étang du TRONC DU CHENE: Perche . Compleanno. Koi, like wild carp, can grow to 36" or more under perfect conditions. Edit Label ; Data Quality Rating: Needs Vote. Can you tell me anything about the Asian fish bowl in the illustration? 14 Pins • 31 Followers. Notre record est une carpe koï de 18 kg avec de belles couleurs orange, rouge, blanche et noire . Voted up. The remaining koi go to hobbyists at more ordinary prices. :). They are pretty easy to look after. 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The easiest way is of course online via eBay or a similar type of sales website. Beautiful creatures. Hanako was an extreme case, and most ornamental koi do not live nearly this long. I have looked at your paintings and they are truly beautiful. Just recently purchased my first machine and I’m so excited! Thank you very much for writing and share with us. Now I am not sure my great, great, great Grandkids would appreciate that. Evelyne Lemarchand a capturée Shoulders la carpe record de l'étang du héron le 5 juillet 2012. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. I think the Gefilte fish is the made from the common carp. Please correct your article with states that “carp simply came from the Danube“ which is a material deficiency and is not correct whether or not it was a theory. 0 m 47 . Mister Buzz. Fruit de croisements entre individus de l’espèce commune, la Carpe Koï arbore diverses couleurs : rouge, blanc, jaune, noir… Certaines variétés sont très prisées par les collectionneurs et peuvent atteindre des prix record. Think Britain has vaccine problems? Show. I don't think I could afford one at this time, so I'll stick to the local cod species! Female Trump supporter DIES after being SHOT inside US Capitol as mob storms Congress and loots it in attempt to overturn Biden's election victory - now politicians discuss removing the President, Meet the mob who stormed the Capitol: Horned QAnon conspiracy theorist led Trump supporters who looted Congress and put their feet up on Pelosi's desk for selfies, Trump calls his Capitol mob 'GREAT PATRIOTS' and claims they rioted because election was 'viciously stolen' - then tells them 'Go home with love. C’est suivant la qualité des carpes koï, de leurs tailles, de leurs formes, de leurs robes et de leurs catégories que le prix est fixé. The common carp was introduced from China to Japan, where selective breeding in the 1820s in the Niigata region resulted in koi. Tan calls it "living art.". 'As good as gold' is stunning, as are the many other artworks you have created. You should see the mess we've made of it here in the EU, writes ALEXANDER VON SCHOENBURG, editor-at-large of Germany's biggest-selling newspaper Bild, How to master your lockdown finances - and claim a year's tax relief if you're working from home - according to money saving expert Martin Lewis, MPs back lockdown until the end of MARCH by 524 votes to 16 as Boris Johnson sees off rebellion from Tories demanding a strict end date to new curbs, London's hospitals will be overwhelmed by Covid patients in TWO weeks in a BEST CASE scenario with 2,000 beds needed even after Nightingale is opened, stark NHS briefing warns, No second chances! A long tradition of Asian carp exists in Chinese culture and literature. Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on December 02, 2011: That big orange carp is sensational I agree. You should see the mess we've made of it here in the EU, writes... Money-saving expert Martin Lewis shares guide to mastering your lockdown finances - including how to claim a... MPs back lockdown until the end of MARCH by 524 votes to 16 as Boris Johnson sees off rebellion from Tories... London's hospitals will be overwhelmed by Covid patients in TWO weeks in a BEST CASE scenario with 2,000... No second chances! They are great to look at, I totally agree. It is just so peaceful to sit and watch them. Would you know how they taste? Pour tout achat de carpe Koï.....Merci de prendre contact avec nous....Chaque carpe Koï est sélectionné avec passion et ce n'est pas une pompe ou un tuyau PVC....!!! Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on November 15, 2013: They are amazingly long lived fish and the prices are eye watering for sure. Esche & amorçage utilisé : NC Summary of Invasiveness Top of page. There is a whole industry devoted to catering to people who want to fish for Carp. I came back and read the article lol! but I never thought that they are that expensive. Catégories : Article à vérifier; Animaux; Ce … Saved from If adjusted for inflation, 25+ years later, this is equivalent to paying in excess of $2.2 million in today's dollars for one exceptional fish. See more ideas about Koi, Koi fish, Koi carp. Record Mondial Féminin à L’étang Du Héron : Carpe De 35,8 Kilos | Animal le plus cher du monde : carpe Koï à 2 millions $ Mister Buzz. That said, halibuts are very ugly and taste delicious. ProductosPeruanos100% Shopping & Retail. You surely made this read worth reding. BOUILLETTES MAISON – INGREDIENTS ET MIXES ! ... On fait même état de reproduction de carpes koi âgées de plus de 100 ans, jusqu'à un record de plus de 200 ans en Asie. I am trying to find out more information about the one I have. Comment faire … The origins of these superb creatures are as murky as the muddy ponds their ancestors inhabited. DATE 6/8/2020. This is a great hub with such good information. Many people have them in their home ponds here in America today. The brightly coloured specimens we see today were created by selective breeding. These fish are beautiful to look at, luckily for them they don't taste very good. Selon les différents critères, le prix oscillera entre 50 et 1 000 euros. Islington and Hackney Housing association asked me and my brother to revitalise a grey and bleak wall in there houseing complex in Hackney. I know conceptually they can't be much different than eating other fish but I think I'd have a hard time feasting on the beauties! I would imagine that they would taste quite earthy similar to farmed trout. To understand why this fish is so popular, we need to understand its history and ancestry. Pronounced as yu, it sounds similar to words that mean “abundance” or “surfeit” in various dialects. But the top collectors [rich] will pay just about anything to get their hands on the finest specimens. C’est il y a quelques jours que nous avons trouvé cette information dans un article du site koiquestion. 31. molometer: What an informative, riveting, useful summary of the life and times of the koi carp! 2 juin 2020. Balon cites an ancient Roman source, Ovid (43 BC to AD 17 or 18), regarding the domestication of carp. The 30lb orange koi is a real beauty as is the tattoo! The According to the development stages of Koi, the food is available in the three grain sizes MINI (2 mm/0.078 in. Koi carp fish were originally raised in beautiful and lovely Chinese ponds and rice patties. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème dessin poisson, peche carpe, carpe. The popularity of carp as a table dish in Europe declined around the 1830s, as new networks of railways transformed the fishing industry. No comments have so far been submitted. Simplement appelé « koï » au japon, la carpe koï est également désignée sous le vocable de « nishikigoi », terme japonais que vous retrouverez parfois réutilisé dans la littérature sur les carpes koï. The Japanese historical record Nihon-Shoki states the emperor Keikou kept ornamental carp in his palace pond as of AD 94, as did the emperor Suiko in AD 620, though these may have been another carp species, such as the one that became the goldfish. I know that they are breed for eating, but haven't delved into when, they would be suitable for the plate. I am a professional artist and I did my first Koi pond painting about 15 years ago. Gianfranco Chiarini, Wiz Khalifa TGOD Fãs, Nash Tackle France, CUT KILLER, Le Paradis du Pêcheur, Aquadesigner-Boutique Aquariophilie, Tape Dans L'Fond, Cichlids Import, Abri Sous Roche, Bao Aquarium, Carp LSD, Récifal News, LEON BAIT, Ô douce, Le dessin, Adramatic Hip-Hop, Grand Banditisme, Carpasens, 135.3db Officiel, Effroyable Nature, D'jal, Jocelyn Dupré "Destination H2O", Hip Hop Corner, … Une femelle sera beaucoup plus chère qu'un mâle, notamment du fait de son body beaucoup plus imposant et une croissance plus rapide. E.K.Balon is a recognized and respected ichthyology source. Carpe_koi 269 points 270 points 271 points 3 months ago . When they were exhibited at a fair in Tokyo in 1914, they created a sensation that spread worldwide. 30 avril 2020. Thank you. One of the most memorable high jewellery watches at this year's SIHH salon was the Carpe Koï watch bracelet. N'oubliez pas :Détenir un animal vivant est une responsabilité qui impose de lui assurer des conditions compatibles avec ses besoins physiologiques et son bien-être. 25 82110 Germering [l909441] Label . Agriculture. I can't believe that they can live a few hundred years! Venda de carpas chinesas São leopoldo. A British fish fan has taken delivery of the world's biggest koi carp - a 4ft monster that tips the scales at a staggering six-and-a-half-stone Tattooing fish is wrong, not to mention very difficult. La carpe koï est le descendant direct de la carpe commune comme le rappelle la signification du terme « koï » en japonais qui désigne une carpe. If you want to taste regular old-style carp, you will probably find their brownish golden cousins swimming in a lake near you. Kodomo no hi or Japanese Children's Day is a festival originally for boys ("tango no sekku") but which … Hanako’s age was confirmed through analysis of her scales, which show age much like the rings on a tree do. Le poids d'une carpe record est tributaire de plusieurs facteurs, notamment la … That's amazing! I saw some in a beautiful oriental garden in Kent of all places and your right. Oct 19, 2018 (WiC 428) Tweet × A A; Print this article; A symbol of abundance. The Chinese were more than generous by donating and sharing the Koi fish according to history with Japan, Canada and the United States and Europe. Type de carpe : Carpe Miroir. I didn't think of that? :). Their symbolism of long life and prosperity is very appealing, and their slow, peaceful movement inspires tranquility. I would imagine these would be the common carp. ), MEDIUM (4 mm/0.15 in.) Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on October 29, 2012: The modern Koi carp are the more decorative varieties that are more familiar these days. Answer: Although Koi can live in muddy ponds for best results keep the pond well aerated and free from contaminants. Toutes les carpes koïs sont connues du gestionnaire du domaine qui suit les tailles, les couleurs, les poids et les spécificités de tous ces poissons rares qui doivent être remis à l'eau très rapidement après la capture. the beautiful koi will be there, sometimes... Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on November 29, 2012: They are amazingly beautiful fish and seem quite intelligent. Record de France Amour Blanc 1- Pêcheur anglais – Amour Blanc 39,75kg – Etang de la Horre, France Cet énorme amour blanc de 39,75kg a été pris en avril 2011 … Records Carpe Koï 1- Raphaël Biagini- Carpe Koï 13kg – France C ette magnifique carpe koï de 13kg pêchée par Raphaël Biagini dans un plan d’eau inconnu du sud de la France en avril 2002 constitue l’actuel record de France pour les carpes koï. Koi certainly do raise the passion in people. 0:41. Mais cette fois ci on change de lieu de pêche ce sera le lac d'Arques. 3kg100. Servicios Técnicos Especializados. 0:52. Tammy from North Carolina on January 27, 2012: Fantasic hub. Les carpes koï de catégorie A sont les plus onéreuses puisqu’elles sont uniques, Celles de la classe B sont un peu moins chères; Celles de la classe C sont les moins chères. They are stunning hey? 29 Avril 2013, Rédigé par Pèche Aventures Publié dans #lac d'arques, #record carpe france, #peche lac arques, #peche aude Dimanche après midi une accalmie et hop on part à la pêche. And yet this is a living creature, it is alive and exquisite to look upon. Obviously, Chinese royalty knew about Koi fish 1000 years before the Romans. Peut être apprivoisé à force de patience et de persévérance. … Vous y trouverez aussi des Koïs, esturgeons Baëri, silures et amours blancs ; Stock halieutique : carpe miroirs et carpe cuirs jusqu'à plus de 20 kg, record de carpe commune 15kg, silure de plus de 20 kg, carpe koî jusqu'à 13 kg. Koi Carp are way too expensive to eat but you can get their cousins the Common Carp at reasonable, I'm not sure how they compare on taste, but like you I will stick to more mundane fish and chips lol. That is a fact that the origin of Koi comes from China thousands of years ago according to history BEFORE the Danube. Thank you for popping in. Art. Origami Farfalla Stelle Di Origami. Koi fish were raised in China as food in ponds and in rice patty fields. ", Geoff, 54, who runs the family-owned Rainbow Koi shop, added: "I don't want to sell her at the moment, but I wouldn't take £20,000 for her, or even £30,000.